Mastered By Her Mates

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This is the story about a spy who is welcomed into the arms of an alien race, as she pretends to become his bride and is torn between who she is and what she currently wants as she ventures through the story.

When I first heard about this book, I was extremely excited to get it, I love things that are out of this world and when an author tries to create a different reality.

Once I started reading I realized that the story itself is amazing and is one that I would highly recommend to anyone who has found themselves becoming a fan of this genre, but I am sad to admit that the overall experience that I first had by the description was not one that I felt at the end, it seemed that I did not get enough of the story and I almost felt like I was being let down by the amazing description of the story line itself.

The author is a great writer who will continue to release amazing books throughout their career, this is not something that I doubt, but I do find my self question why this one was the way that it was, perhaps it was just not something that connected well with the writer themselves, therefore making the readers be unable to connect with it also.

The story line itself is fast pace and is not something that you want to pull your hair out while reading, like some books out there, it is one that I would say had a very good jump rate from one thing to the next, which is one of my own personal favorite things about a author’s writing skills, it is not dragged out.

The authors attempt to create another world or reality as some would call it was good, but it seemed like I had a hard time picturing myself in the scenes, which is something that not a lot of author’s can do to begin with, so that is not something that should detour you from the book, I just felt like it was something that should be mentioned.

This great book gets a three out of five star review from me, it is one that I will probably pick up and read again at some point in my life, the story line was strong and unique, while the main characters are alluring and draw you deeper into the idea, everything about this book screams that it has great potential to become a best seller, I think that there are a lot of people who would agree to that statement if you ever find yourself curled up by the fireplace lost in a good read.

If you have been hearing about the book and are questioning if you should get it or not, in my own personal opinion I think that you would be more regretful if you did not purchase the book rather than running out to the nearest store and grabbing it up.