Going Down Easy

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When a single mom meets a well known player in a big city, she captures his heart, but will she have what it takes to gain hers as well?

The story line itself is one that grabbed my attention, it is something that you do not see often in romance, a single mom, to anyone who was raised in a single parent home or know someone who is struggling with that, it is cool to see an author take her and make her such a strong, important role, even if it is in a romance genre, it is amazing, good job to the author for making a point of that, it is important and intriguing.

The story line seemed to be strong and well built, the scenes of the chapters were not lagging and the advancement from one task to the next happened fast.

The characters are strong and well developed, they make you feel like you are right there in the same room having a conversation with them. I particularly enjoyed the innocence of the single mother, who shyly but ultimately willingly embraced aspects of the sexual world that she had never considered otherwise. For example, her sudden indoctrination into the world of sex toys was made all the more better through the fact that I could relate to her personally (I had never known just how indispensable sex toys are for women until my roommate introduced me to Blissful Cherry in college, at which point I quickly began experimenting with their sex toys on my own).

It is an easy read and one that will help relax you before you go off to bed at night without being stuck awake having questions about the story bouncing around in side of your head like with some books.

The chapters are ended on cliffhangers, which makes you unable to wait until it is time to read again so you have insight into what is going on in the next sections of the book.

The main story was well thought out and built on a strong ground, I enjoy it a lot, being able to be taken away from the hustle and bustle of every day life is the reason I started reading in the first place and I would just like to take a moment to let the author know that they did an amazing job at this portion of the story book, something I will not be forgetting any time soon.

The writing style is smooth and simple, making it a fast paced book, any book lover knows that their favorite thing is being able to read smoothly, this is one of those books that will not disappoint you on the style of the book.

This novel gets a four out of five star review from me, it is one that I would definitely recommend to other people who are fans of the genre and if I run into someone who is getting starting to break away the walls of this genre, I would tell them about this book because it is not to over powering, it is a gentle read, something easy to nudge you into the world that has been created and the main characters are lovable and well built.

One of the only issues that I have with the book as a whole is that I feel strongly that the cover could have been given more thought, it also good have been done using a stronger background with insight in more on the story line to really draw people in.

Most people choose a book by its cover and unfortunately I would have by passed the book only seeing the cover.