The dark red bar indicates the project on which I'm currently focusing.

To Die For (The Duquesnes, Book 1)
Finding her half-sister's dead body is just the start of a vacation that drops Ella Sandell into a whirlwind of secrets and lies and people willing to kill to keep them buried.

53,000 / 70,000 words - 75.7%
Deadly Obsession (The 19th Precinct, Book 2)
Started a new tale about a comic book writer with a flair for the flamboyant, a suit whom she's nicknamed Iceman and is just begging to be defrosted, and a stalker who wants to keep them apart.

Isabelle (working title)
Older woman, younger man, Australian coast. I intend to make it pure reading fluff. Okay, maybe just the teeniest bit of intrigue.

Emilie (working title)
A ghost stuck in the land of the living after a scorned lover has her cursed for breaking his heart and stealing a family heirloom in the process. What is a girl to do? Wait two hundred years to convince another man she's the woman of his dreams. Literally.

After Dusk (The Hunters, Book 2)
I don't do connected books and I don't do fangs and fur (Before Dawn was written as a lark), but my editor really likes Vanessa Helsen and so do I. And c'mon, I can't waste a name like Vanessa Helsen.