Bared To You

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A woman with emotional demons comes face to face with a man facing the same curse, will those internal demons tear them apart or bring them closer through the therapy of steamy nights in the bedroom?

This storyline immediately grabbed my attention as I have always been interested in the the theory that having rough intercourse or being treated a certain way in the bedroom, being able to act out dark fantasies is actually a cure for a lot of mental disorders and personality traits, such as things that you have been through in your life or like some people would like to call them personality glitches.

I was not disappointed by where my mind immediately went when I first heard about the story after reading it, in fact, it was a very strong and well written plot, one of which that had me on the edge of my seat, I kept my right index finger ready to turn the page as soon as the first words of the paragraphs were becoming embedded into my mind, it is alluring, brilliant and steaming hot, it is a must read for anyone who has not heard of or wants to read this novel!

For someone who is questioning their opinion of this genre, this is the book for you, it will pull you in the entire time and leave you unable to get enough, the characters are strong and independent while having a hint of damage laced underneath their skin which not only makes the story line more bearable to read, but it gives it a depth that not many books have, but they all need, something that we can connect to on a personal level that makes us stop and think, ‘huh, wait a minute that could actually happen in real live, or better yet, hey, that could actually happen to me.’

The author has an amazing writing style and once you read this book you are going to be begging them to release more, you are going to be sucked in from the minute you see the cover, which is breath taking and yet mysterious all wrapped into one, leaving you questioning many things, but the one thing you will not have to question with in yourself is, ‘should I buy it?’

This great story book line gets a four out of five star review from me, even though my opinion is mine, and you should not judge the book by the opinion of other people, it is one that should be marked at the top of your list to judge it for yourself!

But, trust me when I say this, you are going to have an adventure of a life time once you pick up this book, it is no question to why it is in fact a huge best seller, if it was not already one, then I would right now be predicting that it will be soon in the near future!

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Thousands of people have already enjoyed this captivating novel, now, it is your turn!