An Indecent Proposition

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A woman steps up to be the judge of who is the bed man in town in the bedroom, but could her fun turn into something that she never believed could have came of such a silly act?

Written by Stephanie Julian, the story line of “An Indecent Proposition” is strong and well organized, the concept of the story is original and I was not disappointed in it at all, which is hard to find now days with books and how everyone in the same genre wants to write the same book after one author that made it big, it felt nice to read some thing that I have never seen done before.

The structure of the authors writing style was witty and strong, something that I was pleased to be reading, the flow of the story and the style are both smooth and clear, this is also a great reason to pick up the story book if you needed any more convincing at the point.

As a side note, Stephanie is regrettably still a fairly underrated erotic romance novelist (at least based on mainstream standards), despite having so many great books out there for the world to read and enjoy! But anyway, if you really want a true taste of Stephanie’s writing prowess, “An Indecent Proposition” is definitely the book to read (which is why I’m writing a review on this book in particular).

The cover gets my mind going, trying to figure out what is going to be relevant in the story, it is one that I would have picked up solely off of the cover alone, yes, I was recommended this book by a friend who is a huge romance lover, I only wish someone would have shown it to me sooner, it was really an amazing read and it is going to be put on the book shelve of ‘must read agains’.

I was rather disappointed when the story itself ended, not in the story line itself, but because I felt like there should have been more to the book and I hate when good stories end, sometimes you feel like you could read the continuation of a book idea for the rest of your life, this is put into one of those instances.

I would highly recommend this book to veterans in the genre as well as new ones, I feel that the strain of this book is over all well maintained and is something that everyone should at some point or another sit down to read, just be warned you will become hooked not only on this story but also on the writers style of writing.

Heck, you might even find yourself grabbing up all of the works written by them, but as we all know, you can never have too many favorite authors!

Get ready to add another to the list.

The overall book gets a four point five out of five star review from me (which is a really great score based on my rating scale!).

The writing style is great, the story line itself is phenomenal, and it will leave you completely breathless, I was happy to find very few grammatical errors throughout the book, which is great for someone who wants to pull their hair out every time they see them being made, especially in a novel or series.

If you have not had the pleasure of curling up with this book yet, what are you waiting for?

You should go out right now and get this book, pretty soon it will be the talk of everyone’s town, make sure you are keeping up with the tends!